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Delivery Unit Optimization (DUO)

August 11, 2011

Postmasters Receive Second RIF Notice

On August 2nd Areas sent another RIF notice to Postmasters impacted by DUO. Many Postmasters had received a RIF notice when their office was going through the DUO process. This RIF notice apparently was just a notice of a possible RIF. The August 2 RIF letter was a General Notice that in fact you had gone through DUO and are RIF impacted. It is very unfortunate but many Districts were not aware this letter was going out and were not able to give much local assistance to why Postmasters were getting the second letter. On August 31, 2011 a Specific RIF notice will be mailed to all DUO impacted Postmasters. . This RIF letter will state that all Postmasters impacted by DUO will have a effective date of November 4, 2011. Those Postmasters who have been downgraded with saved salary and who have not been reassigned to another office already will get a Specific RIF assignment to their own office effective November 4. It is our understanding that the official 2 year saved salary agreement in the February 14, 2011 letter from Doug Tulino will begin from that date. This agreement is for DUO impacted Postmasters and Station Mangers only. DUO impacted Postmasters will not be separated by this DUO RIF notice. This does raise a lot of questions for those Postmasters who have already been forced to move to another office right after their office went through DUO and now are being told the effective date is November 4, 2011.

Mark Strong

February 14, 2011 Letter regarding impact of Delivery Unit Optimization (DUO) on Postmasters and station managers View Letter (PDF)

August 9, 2011

Delivery Unit Optimization Cost Summary worksheet (Excel)

April, 2011

The League has been informed that some changes have been made to the PS 150 Auto Worksheet. Some of the items that were manually inputted in the past will now auto populate. They are listed below. It is very important that you verify this data for accuracy. All data on the Auto 150 needs to be verified but these items being new to the automated process should have careful and close verification. With the many changes going on in levels often caused by DUO, verifying the PS 150 is especially important. Never allow a change to take place without your verification, date and signature.

Automated PS150 April v01b update 4/08/11

NOTE: (April 8, 2011) Rural and HCR Intermediate boxes served and administrative responsible intermediate boxes are auto populated (Items 6 through 11).

Items 6 and 9 – Problem with calculations. Correction made, however, they are still under testing. If the auto populated boxes are incorrect, use local knowledge and input the correct numbers for these items.

Version v01a was changed because of a problem with the formulas that the League uncovered and we reported to Postal HQ. This instruction enforces what we have always told postmasters, if any data is incorrect, you can make and should changes as long as the data can be documented. We have been assisting HQ by testing known offices with intermediate routes both rural and HCR. If anyone is aware of an office with intermediate routes that the automated Form 150 in incorrect in lines 6 or 9, notify Jack Jameson at or

April ver01a update - 4/04/11 - What is new with April version?

1. In the April version of PS150 Auto Worksheet, Rural and HCR Intermediate boxes served and administrative responsible intermediate boxes are auto populated. They are Items 7, 8, 10 and 11, and they are no longer shaded yellow for user’s input. However, if the auto populated boxes are incorrect, use the local knowledge and input the correct numbers for these items. User’s Instruction document is updated explaining about the enhanced items.

2. The new field structure is reflected in this report. 7 Districts are no longer available in the menu, and their finance numbers were remapped to the gaining Districts as indicated below:

  • February update includes enhancement for split city delivery

  • Please note that Revenue Units are of FY 2010 and FLSA Status calculation is based on work hours of FY 2010. If the most current FLSA status should be changed from FY 2010, please email the request to

  • The following Districts under Southeast Area can be found:

  • PFC 300 Atlanta - Capital Metro Area

  • PFC 370 Tennessee - Eastern Area

  • All others - Southwest Area

Mark Strong

February 14, 2011

League President Mark Strong has received a memo from Postal Headquarters stating that a solution and understanding of our meetings over the past few weeks has been reached for the Delivery Unit Optimization (DUO) impacted Postmasters/station managers with regard to the recent proposal to change ELM 415... This agreement is only for those Postmasters/station managers impacted by DUO and is a result of the three management organizations working extremely hard with Postal Headquarters on the DUO program through the consultative process that led to this solution. Since we had just finalized the DUO consultative process it was important that we dealt with these impacted Postmasters/station managers separately from the proposal to change section 415 of the ELM.

The agreement states that Postmasters and station managers whose EAS grade levels are reduced as a result of implementation of DUO will receive saved grade for two years and indefinite saved salary thereafter provided they adhere to the following:

  • During the two-year saved grade period affected Postmasters and station managers downgraded as a result of DUO should apply for lateral reassignment to vacant duty assignments at their saved grade/level within their commuting areas.

  • During the two-year saved grade period Postmasters and station managers downgraded as a result of DUO may be reassigned involuntarily to vacant assignments at their saved grade/level within their commuting areas. Salary protection for affected Postmasters and station managers who decline such involuntary reassignment will terminate at the beginning of the pay period following such refusal.

  • If no lateral opportunity becomes available during the two-year saved grade period, affected Postmasters and station managers receive indefinite saved salary.

  • These provisions apply only to Postmasters and station managers impacted by DUO.

We will continue to work with Postal Headquarters on the proposal to revise ELM 415. Please read the Presidents message for a full explanation of the memo received and consultations on the proposed revisions of ELM 415.

February 1, 2011

On January 28, 2011 the LEAGUE office received a letter from John Cavallo, Manager Labor Relations regarding a proposed change to the salary protection provisions in Employee and Labor Relations Manual (ELM) Section 415, Rate Retention and Change to Lower EAS Grade. Please read the letter carefully.(PDF)

The main change impacting EAS is that those Postmasters/EAS that had salary protection when changed to a lower nonbargaining grade during a Reduction in Force (RIF) avoidance period, a specific RIF notice period, placement in a nonduty, nonpay status for 30 days related to RIF, or to a RIF will not extend beyond two years of saved grade unless the protected salary is below the maximum of the employee’s new grade. If the employee’s salary exceeds the maximum of the new grade upon expiration of the two years of protection is provided in ELM 415, it will be reduced immediately to the maximum of the new grade.

Simply put, the indefinite saved salary would be removed from the ELM. The LEAGUE of Postmasters is adamantly opposed to this revision. Mark Strong, President of the LEAGUE has requested a meeting with PMG Pat Donahoe with regard to these revisions. We are very disappointed that after months of working on DUO and specifically addressing RIF in which we were assured that no Postmasters salary would be impacted that less than 30 days later this change has been proposed.

Pursuant to Title 39, U.S. Code, Section 1004 (d) we have 60 days to respond with our recommendations. We will keep all Postmasters informed of the results from the requested meeting with PMG Donahoe and any changes that take place with regard to this proposal to revise Section 415 of the ELM.

Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available and check the LEAGUE Website for updates.

Mark Strong

December 22, 2010

Updated - DUO Moratorium Lifted January 3, 2011.

On Friday December 17th the LEAGUE received the latest version of the DUO Guidebook. Earlier we had received information that the moratorium could be lifted as soon as December 5, 2010. To the credit of Postal Headquarters they took all of the organizations questions and input into consideration and the implementation has been announced effective January 3, 2011. Here is the link to the latest version of the DUO Guidebook , DUO Checklist and the Final Decision Letter on our questions from the November 30th DUO meeting with Postal Headquarters. More info will be forthcoming.

Delivery Unit Optimization - What you need to know, Click to view Presentation. For additional training contact your League State Branch President.(PDF)

DUO Hot Links

League Postmasters,

Delivery Unit Optimization (DUO) continues to roll out across the country. We have had numerous successful three digit meetings with DUO as the lead topic on the agenda. All National Officers, Area Coordinators and many of our Presidents have been trained on DUO. There is a new version of DUO on the website as of Wednesday with links to the 150, WSCs and lease information that can assist with the financial analysis on the candidate offices.

Linked below is a Letter from Anthony Vegiliante outlining a recent change just for DUO. Postmasters that are downgraded two or more grade levels as a result of DUO may voluntarily be placed non-competitively into a vacant position that is higher than their reclassification level and up to but not exceeding the previous grade level. The important part of this letter is that if you chose not to take placement your salary protection is not waived. Please read the attached and if you have any questions contact the LEAGUE office or one of our Board Members.

Letter from Anthony Vegiliante outlining a recent change just for DUO. (PDF).

415 Rate Retention and Change to Lower EAS Grade details (PDF)


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