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POStPlan News

April 4, 2014

POStPlan Implementation Update

The Postal Service and LEAGUE President Mark Strong along with NAPUS President Tony Leonardi continue to discuss final POStPlan implementation.

Post offices were scheduled to be notified of their daily earned workhours using FY 2013 data by close of Postal Quarter II (03/31/2014). The delay in notifications by the Postal Service is due to ongoing discussions and validation of data.

A determination and timeline on implementation is expected soon. We will update the LEAGUE website when information is finalized.

August 5, 2013

MOU for Rural Carrier Seniority in RMPO/APO Offices

The LEAGUE office received the documents below on 7/31/2013 concerning an MOU between the Postal Service and the National Rural Letter Carriers. There is the cover letter and then the MOU concerning rural routes that are left domiciled in RMPOs and how the seniority for carriers applies. Effective with this MOU the seniority of all RCAs and Regular Carriers in RMPO offices merge with the APO office as one list. Please read the MOU.

POStPLan Cover Letter (PDF)

POStPlan MOU - Guidelines (PDF)

March 29, 2013

Level 18 Two Percent Promotion Cap Lifted

The LEAGUE has received a memo (PDF) from Postal Headquarters rescinding the 2 percent salary promotion cap placed on level 18 Postmaster jobs on June 19, 2012. Promotion increases to level 18 Postmasters as well as all others will follow postal policy as outlined in the June 24, 2011 memo (PDF) from Anthony Vegliante. The June 19, 2012, letter (PDF) was sent to the field regarding the 2 percent cap on all promotions to level 18 Postmaster positions just prior to the two rounds of postings limited to Postmasters only last year. The Postmaster organizations had been asking that this cap be lifted since the intent of the policy has run its intended course of action and are pleased to see these Postmaster promotions receive the same raises as all other positions.

March 8, 2013

POStPlan Update

The League office has received several letters from Postal Headquarters over the past few days on POStPlan. On Tuesday over 1000 level 6 Postmaster jobs were posted. This list of offices can be found here (Excel). Level 6 offices that were posted in December should now be in the second and third round. If they are at the third round they would be open to all career Postal employees and PMRs. Make sure your career employees and PMRs are checking eCareer every Tuesday to see what jobs may have opened up to them.

The training letter (PDF) that was sent to the field last week has created a little confusion in some Districts. It is necessary to ensure that all APO Postmasters receive the training modules - up to the full suite of training - based on their individual needs. The Manager, Post Office Operations should meet with the APO Postmaster and use the Skills Matrix with the training guidelines to determine which training modules will be required. They should also establish a reasonable and effective timeline for the completion of all required training.

It is also necessary to ensure that all PMRs and Part-Time Postmasters receive the necessary training modules - up to the full suite of training - based on their individual needs. The APO Postmaster should meet with each PMR/PTPM assigned to them, and use the attached Skills Matrix to determine which training modules will be required. They should also establish a reasonable and effective timeline for the completion of all required training.

A letter (PDF) was also sent out on the staffing of PTPO and RMPOs. In 2-hour and 4-hour Remotely Managed Post Offices there will be a Primary PMR scheduled 5 days per week, with a Secondary PMR assigned to cover the non-scheduled days and other absences. However, if mutually agreed to by the PMR and the APO Postmaster (or District), the PMR may work 6 days per week. A 6-hour office will have a career Part-Time Postmaster - PTPM. The jobs will be posted 5 days a week but again if mutually agreed to by the PTPM and the APO Postmaster (or District) they can work 6 days a week. Replacement for non-scheduled days and other absences in these offices is a Postal Support Employee - PSE.

The APO Postmaster that will have administrative and managerial responsibility for one or more RMPOs should be the selecting official for the PTPM or PMR assigned to their respective offices. The Manager, Post Office Operations would be the concurring official.

Finally some RMPOs are being assigned to APOs with encumbered Postmasters in the office. All POStPlan impacted offices that are encumbered will continue to operate at their current level, and operating schedule, and continue to report to the POOM until such time as the office becomes vacant (or September 2014) and the office is officially implemented into the POStPlan. At that time, the RMPO office will begin reporting to the APO.

January 27, 2013

LEAGUE Office Receives Notice of Release of DUO Suspension And New Timeline for Second Round of Level 6 Postmaster Jobs.

On Friday, January 25, the LEAGUE office received a memo from Postal Headquarters releasing the temporary suspension of Delivery Unit Optimization (DUO). On January 11, 2013 DUO was temporarily suspended while adjustments to the financial worksheets for DUO were completed and changes to the process were made that would require approval of the Area Vice President prior to dates of implementation assigned. These changes have been completed.

On Thursday, January 24, training was completed with the Areas and Districts on the new financial worksheets and approval process. LEAGUE leadership received this training and overview and has been involved in the changes presented.

With this training completed the temporary suspension has been lifted and DUO activities will resume. It is our hope that the changes will improve the process.

The LEAGUE office also received a letter on Friday giving notice of the second posting of 6-hour offices under POStPlan. The first 540 offices previously posted, some of which Postmasters have requested placement in was effective January 26, 2013.

The second list of postings will be available in eCareer starting on March 5 and closing on March 20. This posting will be generated from offices where POStPlan has been implemented, making them 6-hour offices effective either February 9, February 23, or March 9, 2013. For those Postmasters requesting placement, the effective date will be May 4, 2013.

This attachment shows the timeline for future postings that will occur between April 24th and June 29, 2013. The attachment also has language concerning eligibility and pay. In every posting of newly implemented 6-hour positions the process repeats itself and are made available in eCareer to EAS and EPM Postmasters, District-wide or Area-wide under a Limited Area of Consideration (LAC).

January 8, 2013

The LEAGUE has received the Zone Tolerance ( ZOT) information for POStPlan

Click to view the Zone of Tolerance (ZOT) details (PDF)

January 2013

Updated POStPlan Implmentation Document (PDF)

December 5, 2012

POStPlan Staffing of 6 hour Postmaster Positions

Today we received a final document outlining the steps that will be taken to fill vacant part time 6 hour Postmaster positions in the field. LEAGUE and NAPUS has been working with Postal Headquarters to find the best way to fill these jobs while continuing to find a landing spot for impacted Postmasters. These jobs can only be made available after the community meetings have taken place. The initial posting on 12/18/2012 will include most all those offices that have had community meetings so far and the 30 day notice requirement to the community has been met. Future staffing of 6 hour Postmaster positions will repeat this process when the community meetings have taken place.

It is important that Postmasters considering non-competitive downgrades to these jobs start thinking about their choices now as the limited area of consideration (LAC) opportunity to request a downgrade will only be 9 days from 12/18/2012-12/26/12. These positions will then be available in eCareer for all eligible employees to apply. There is a brief description of how to request a non-competitive downgrade on the attached document.

Here is a brief summary of the attached.

• LAC is for EAS Postmasters and EPM Postmasters in Levels 51-55

• LAC is 12/18-12/26

• Postmasters must request a voluntary non-competitive placement

• Level 16 and below will receive saved salary through September 30, 2014. (See FAQs on Saved Salary).

Although not perfect, this LAC will give more opportunity to place impacted Postmasters into positions prior to October 2014.

August 28, 2012

Here is a link to POStPlan FAQs (PDF).

Please note that there are four additional FAQs that were cleared recently but are not yet included among those you will find through the link.

1. It was shared by Operations that the pay structure for Level 2 & 4 offices will be $11.76 per hour. Do we have the flexibility to offer PMR positions at the lower rate of $9.45 as previously offered?

Answer: No. Effective June 01, 2012 – ALL newly hired PMRs will be compensated with a starting hourly rate of $11.76, including re-employed annuitants

2. Are the PMR’s not currently making the $11.76 salary being adjusted to this new pay rate? If so, when?

Answer: PMRs that were on the rolls prior to June 01, 2012 and making less than $11.76 per hour will continue to be paid at their current hourly rates. However, after full implementation of POStPlan, ALL PMR hourly salaries will be adjusted to a minimum hourly rate of $11.76.

3. PMR’s currently making over the $16.80 rate; will they continue to be authorized at this rate? If not have we considered MSPB rights with the rate being adjusted down?

Answer: Under the POSTPlan, we will NOT reduce salaries.

4. What is the effective date of POStPlan implementation?

Answer: POStPlan implementation begins October 19, 2012 and Full implementation occurs when a specific office begins working the limited hours after the community meeting due to POStPlan. At that time, the PMR working in the 2 hour or 4 hour office will have their salary increased to 11.76 per hour if paid less. Full implementation of POStPlan is individually applied as Post Plan rolls out to approximately 125 offices per week beginning October 19th.

August 25, 2012

PRC Issues Advisory Opinion on Post Office Structure Plan Plan Accepted with Recommendations Press Release (PDF) .


July 9, 2012

On Monday the National League of Postmasters received these PMR FAQs that answer a great deal of questions Postmasters and PMRs had asked about the retention and hiring of PMRs after POStPlan begins. These FAQ address some of the salary questions for newly hired vs. those that are currently working in some of the impacted offices. There are also a few FAQs on Postmaster promotions and relocations benefits.

June 15, 2012

The LEAGUE office received the attached LINK outlining the opportunity for optional eligible and VER eligible Postmasters who retire to be hired back to PMR positions to continue to serve their communities and not affect their annuity payments.

Postmasters retiring can apply for PMR positions in the 2 and 4 hour offices they request to work at and supplement their retirement income while utilizing the valuable postal knowledge they have. The attached FAQs answer a number of questions that Postmasters may have about this opportunity. Postal Headquarters will be sending letters to all VER and optional retirement eligible Postmasters with this offer.

Those interested Postmasters should contact their District Human Resource office.

June 14, 2012

The Postal Service has released an update to the POStPlan FAQ's, they changed the question to FAQ #6 to include all career postmasters (it previously read career full-time) and added the link to the Organization Change FAQ #56 that provides detailed information about Discontinued Service Retirement (DSR).

Updated/Consolidated POStPlan HR and Organization Change FAQ's (PDF) click here to view

June 8, 2012

The Postal Service has released Updated/Consolidated Frequently asked Questions (FAQS) Related to POStPlan. The update includes a new question #1, which is a summary overview of POStPlan and the summary includes links to three additional sites for detailed information on the VER; the incentive; and the Organization Change FAQs, where employees can find current information about issues such as severance pay, effects on benefits and leave when moving to a part-time career position, retirement, social security and many other topics.

Updated/Consolidated POStPlan HR and Organization Change FAQ's (PDF) click here to view

June 1, 2012

The Postal Service has released Updated/Consolidated Frequently asked Questions (FAQS) Related to POStPlan.

Updated/Consolidated POStPlan HR FAQ's (PDF) click here to view

liteblue Human Resources Workforce Connection featuring additional FAQ's and POStPlan information. Click to view

May 31, 2012

Update: SOV Formula for FY/12

POStPlan Earned SOV Formula Certified Correct

We have received the attached memo from Dean Granholm, Vice President of Delivery and Post Office Operations. The attached Power Point has the formula that Mr. Granholm has certified on slide 8. I encourage each impacted Postmaster to verify their POStPlan daily earned hours using this formula. The Power Point shows you how to get to SOV on the Postal Service Blue Page. Type in SOV and follow the slides. Once on the Summary page click on your office and the Variance Summary opens. Follow the three steps on the Retail/Admin section. It is important that you use the correct retail days and total operation days from your FY/11 data. If you sort mail at all on Saturday you will be dividing your Workload Value hours by 308 if completely closed then divide by 257. If you have Saturday retail hours you will divide the retail by 282.5 and if no window operation on Saturday then divide by 257. This is the daily earned hours for the POStPlan SOV that is used to determine the level of offices under POStPLan.

Until the mapping is finalized you will not know if the office is a PTPO and meets any of the three exceptions from the POStPlan calculation so that would be the final anomaly that could change the level.

Mark Strong

May 25, 2012

Special Announcement

Deadline to Initiate Optional Retirement with Incentive Extended

Today the Postal Service announced it is extending the deadline from June 22, 2012 until July 2, 2012 to initiate a VER or Optional Retirement with the incentive. It is important that a well informed decision is made before taking this step and the Postal Service felt the extra time was needed for Postmasters to make this decision.

While many are looking at retirement, others are looking to apply for the approximate 1,600 Postmaster positions that were posted today. These positions are posted District wide for limited competition, meaning only Postmasters can apply.

Please read the attached Link Extra, the HR FAQ Postmaster Incentive and Newsbreak for complete details.

Postmasters can go to LiteBlue at the Workforce Connection for more detailed information. Human Resources will mail formal communications directly to Postmasters within the next week.

May 24, 2012

FAQ on Discontinued Service Retirement

Please read the response on the FAQ that was submitted on Discontinued Service Retirement (DSR). Click here for more information. (PDF)

May 18, 2012

The National League of Postmasters has Received the List of Offices that will be Upgraded under POStPLan.

The Postal Service has provided the list of offices that will be upgraded to level 18 under the POStPlan process. Each incumbent Postmaster will receive a letter from the Postal Service informing them of this upgrade. Salary raises will follow current Postal Service policy. Postmasters whose salary is not at the minimum of a level 18 will be slotted in at the minimum of the level 18 pay scale. Postmasters above the minimum salary of the level 18 will receive a 2 percent raise.

Click to view the list of upgraded offices (Excel)

May 16, 2012

Postal Service has released the First Set of Frequently asked Questions (FAQS) for HR Related POStPlan and POStPlan Questions.

HR FAQ's Post Plan

Post Plan Frequently asked Questions

May 09, 2012

PMG Announces POStPlan at Media Briefing

As you are aware, this morning, Postmaster General Pat Donahoe and Chief Operating Officer Megan Brennan held a press conference regarding the Postal Service’s plan to keep rural post offices open while addressing the declining mail volumes and declining revenue. This new program is called the POStPlan which stands for Post Office Structure Plan.

This plan will impact over 13,000 offices. Currently, 9,500 of these offices are served by an incumbent Postmaster. Congress is considering over 25 bills to protect rural post offices but, unfortunately none protect Postmasters.

The POStPlan matches SOV/CSV earned hours to hours of operation. In a nutshell those offices that do not earn full-time staffing will be reduced to part-time offices. All level 16 and below offices will be evaluated on FY/11 SOV/CSV data and levels modified according to earned hours based on revenue and workload.

Some offices will receive upgrades with over 4,500 to be upgraded to level 18 offices while others will be downgraded according to the earned hours. There are some exceptions to the earned hours based on geographic locations.

Those that are downgraded will be called Remote Manage Post Offices (RMPOs) and will report to another Administrative Post Office (APO) under this new plan.

Offices earning 1.99 hours or less on SOV will be reclassified as a 2-hour office staffed with a PMR.

Offices earning 2-3.99 hours will be classified as a 4-hour office and staffed by a PMR.

Offices earning 4-5.74 will be a 6-hour offices staffed by a part-time career Postmaster much like the EPM 6 in the past.

Offices earning 5.75 or more will be level 18 offices.

We have an SOV eLearning training video to assist with this computation on our website. How to compute POStPlan earned hours SOV-CSV eLearning training

It is important to note that no office with an incumbent Postmaster will be impacted for two full years. Hours of operation as well as salary and level will not change during that time.

The Postal Service will be offering an incentive for eligible EAS Postmasters and Vera eligible EAS Postmasters in the very near future. The third option available for impacted Postmasters will be two rounds of limited competition posting and awarding of jobs. This means that only Postmasters will be able to apply for vacant positions at this time and more to be made available through the early out incentives.

This is a very tough time for Postmasters and there will be many questions that come out of this program. The LEAGUE is continuing to work with Postal Headquarters to minimize the impact, answer the questions that arise from the process and work to get impacted Postmasters that have no choice placed in a position. The Postmaster General has stated he will do everything possible to take care of incumbent Postmasters.

There were over 17,728 Postmaster positions at stake and both LEAGUE and NAPUS have done everything possible to keep these jobs within the Postmaster ranks. Although it may seem hollow now, we have done everything possible to keep a post office in every rural community that chooses to keep its post office and to protect universal service regardless of where you consider home in America.

Your National Board, State Presidents as well as Area Coordinators have all been given a more detailed explanation of the POStPlan. They too are available to answer your questions.

Stay tuned to the site for updated information.


List Of Impacted Post Offices (Excel)

Voluntary retirement incentive

USPS also has announced a Voluntary Early Retirement (VER) and Special Incentive Offer for the nation’s 21,000 Postmasters. The offer consists of a one-time, $20,000 cash incentive, payable in two installments. Postmasters who want to leave under the VER — as well as Postmasters who have reached their minimum retirement age and service requirements, and those who wish to voluntarily resign — are eligible for this special cash incentive.

PCES Postmasters are not included in this offer.

Postmasters will have until June 22, 2012 to accept the offer and must agree to leave the Postal Service effective July 31, 2012. Postmasters accepting the offer will receive two payments — $10,000 on Dec. 21, 2012, and $10,000 on Dec. 20, 2013, less withholdings and taxes. Part-time Postmasters will receive pro-rated payments on the same dates.

All eligible Postmasters will receive a retirement kit and a retirement annuity payment estimate from the Postal Service next week.

Details of this Special Incentive Offer and general VER guidelines will be posted as Frequently Asked Questions on Workforce Connection, available on LiteBlue .

All eligible employees retiring under the VER provisions of this Special Incentive Offer are strongly encouraged to read the full set of VER FAQs on the Workforce Connection website.

Please see the below FAQ information regarding Postmaster incentives. This document is also posted under Workforce Connection at

2012 Special Incentive Offer FAQs

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