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August 3, 2013

The Postal Service announced another round of initial postings for 6-hour Postmaster jobs.

There are about 452 of these jobs across the country being posted in eCareer on August 20th and which will close September 4, 2013. These positions are for all the 6-hour offices which implemented POStPlan between May 4th and July 27, 2013. The LEAGUE office needs to know if these positions do not get posted. These jobs can be posted District-wide or Area-wide. The LEAGUE has suggested that these jobs be posted Area-wide to create more opportunity to find jobs. The hourly pay rate that should be posted on these positions should be $12.42 to $18.36 per hour (there was an increase effective 1/12/2013).


This position is posted District-wide or Area-wide with a limited area of consideration (LAC) to all career EAS Postmasters and EPM Postmasters Levels 51-55. All qualified career Postmasters are eligible to apply for this position. Noncompetitive requests from qualified career Postmasters at the same or higher grade, including DUO-impacted Postmasters applying for reassignment at their saved grade/level within their commuting area, may be submitted directly to the selecting official for consideration outside this competitive process. Noncompetitive applicants are encouraged to include a copy of their eCareer profile along with their request.


Under POStPlan, a Postmaster Level 16 or below who requests and accepts a 6-hour Postmaster position will maintain his or her currently hourly rate for hours paid in the PTPO or RMPO Postmaster position. If the current hourly rate exceeds the maximum for the grade, the rate will be protected until September 30, 2014. Beginning October 1, 2014, the hourly rate will be reduced to the maximum for the pay grade. For a summary of effects on benefits and leave for full-time Postmasters placed into part-time Postmaster positions, see Organizational Change FAQ #148 at

If the initial posting does not result in a selection, the District may repost the 6-hour Postmaster positions to all career EAS employees. These "Sequence 2" postings are limited to career EAS employees, including EAS Postmasters and EPM Postmasters Levels 51 - 55. They can be posted District-wide, Area-wide, or Service-wide.

There was also more legislative news. Sen. Tom Carper (D-DE), Committee Chair of Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, along with Ranking Committee Republican Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK), introduced postal reform bill S. 1486. Click here for the entire bill. It has some language that mirrors H.R. 2748. We are happy to see movement on the Senate side but, at first glance, we have a number of concerns with the legislation. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has already released comments on the bill and has many concerns. The LEAGUE's Legislative Counsel Robert Brinkmann will do a thorough review of this bill and will give our opinions shortly.

December 19, 2012

Release of 2013 Pay Schedules and NPA Update

The LEAGUE National Office received the non-bargaining unit salary schedules (PDF) for 2013. These schedules will go into effect January 12, 2013. Although there were no pay increases for 2012, the new schedules will raise the caps on most all EAS positions.

PFP salary determinations for FY/2013 will be subject to the Postal Service’s review of compensation practices throughout the United States economy. Based on this review, PFP program ratings will either be suspended or applied to salary determinations. For FY2014 and FY2015, PFP rating will be applied to salary determinations.

Last week, LEAGUE and NAPUS started preliminary meetings with Postal Headquarters regarding NPA and the Administrative Rules. These rules will have to be updated to remove CORE requirements. Much of the discussion centered on the need for continued communication and goal setting for Unit and Corporate goals. For 2013, NPA will be weighted with 60 percent of the NPA composite coming from Corporate goals and 40 percent coming from the Unit goals. Clearly the need to discuss how these goals can be met, progress on how we are doing during the year, and the end of year results need to be part of the process. The need for individual mitigating circumstances on Unit goals was also one of the items being discussed. The LEAGUE office will keep you updated on the final changes and complete new Administrative Rules when they are available.


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